Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Magamet Khazhaliev
Creative Producer: Uliya Kusherbayeva
Art Director: Dmitriy Kiyko
Senior Designer: Almat Suisimbayev
Designers: Aigerim Suisimbayeva, Konstantin Nizhnikov
Copywriter: Juliya Zolkina
Head of Marketing: Elena Ogbonna
Head of PR: Leonid Nigmatullin
Marketing Manager: Darya Cherbaneva

Bakhyt Bubikanova, Aruzhan Zhumabek, Zoya Falkova, Moldir Sagyndykova, Dariya Temirkhan - contemporary artists from Kazakhstan
Aliya, Alina, Venera, Anara, Tomiris - five victims of domestic violence
Video production: Qara Studios
Actress: Aissulu Azimbayeva
Theatrical Performance Director and Video Director: Tatyana Kim
Music and script: Anatoliy Ogay, Tatyana Kim
NFT-designer: Yerdana Yerbol
Curator: Olya Vesselova


400 women die in Kazakhstan yearly because of domestic violence, according to the UN.
More than 68 000 reports of domestic violence were received by the police in 2022.
63% of victims refused to write a statement out of fear and shame.

Domestic violence in Kazakhstan happens behind closed doors.
People don’t see it – so it's easy to ignore.

Based on 5 real stories of the victims of domestic violence, we created paintings, installations, digital art, and theater performance. More than 30 local creators took part in the project: artists, NFT-designers, video-makers, actors, dancers, and a choir.

We held an exhibition at the main cultural institution of the country - the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, showing that domestic violence should be a state concern.

The exhibition opened with a theatrical performance "I'm Five Thousand Years Old" dedicated to all the project heroines and thousands of other women who have experienced violence. The performance included a combined choir of 21 girls of different ages - they united specifically for the event.

We took the artworks to the streets, showing them on every outdoor screen in Almaty and telling the stories to a wider audience.

We made the problem easier to see and harder to ignore.


Media and people started talking. 43 media outlets and more than 200 Influencers wrote about the project.

8 thousand people saw the project at the Museum during the 2,5 weeks exhibition.
4 million+ people learned about the project online.

We took the project to the UN headquarters in New York, representing Kazakhstan at the 67th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. It meant that Kazakhstan realized the problem on an international level.

We celebrated the law change in Kazakhstan: the President of the country has given instructions to toughen responsibility for domestic violence. On July 1 2023, amendments to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan entered into legal force.

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