Try on a dream


Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director / Designer / Copywriter: Anastassiya Palko
Project Manager: Natalya Abdullatypova
Photographer / Videographer / Editor: Maxim Malov
Retouch: Igor Yug
Backstage: Dmitriy Shanchenko


Project objective: Recruiting cabin crew, pilots, aircraft mechanics to Air Astana.

Insight: Does this work suit me? What is inside the profession?

Idea and slogan: Try on a dream.

Choosing a profession, people try on various roles in which they can be realized. Dreaming of aviation professions, it may seem that this path is only for the chosen, special people. This is due to the fact that pilots, cabin crew, and aircraft mechanics undergo rigorous selection. But everyone has a chance to try on a dream, take the first step, apply.

Employees of the airline became the faces of the advertising campaign and were assigned the role of ambassadors. For all the heroes, a guideline was drawn up for meetings with the target audience.

“I am a recruiter” business cards were printed for distribution at the airport, on flights and out of work. The campaign included more than 130 OOH throughout Kazakhstan, 120 bus stations, 14 media boards and LED displays, 116 lightboxes in the subway, radio advertising, cinema, and TV advertising.

To process and automate applications from candidates, it was decided to create a separate career web site For the site content, we created 50 new images in focus were employees and their work. To support the campaign throughout the year, we created cups with “Try on a dream” illustrations and distributed them on board and in cinemas.

On the start day of the advertising campaign, we launched a new tool for the company “Internal Internet flash mob”. The company employs more than 5000 and this is a great opportunity to distribute messages to people.

On the internal resource, which only employees of the company have access to, we uploaded all the images adapted to different social networks, and in a general letter asked everyone who cares support the campaign launch. People were telling their stories about how they find themselves in Air Astana. Hundreds of posts and reposts united under the hashtag #tryonadream.

The second stage of the advertising campaign was the shooting of commercials about the backstage of those who can’t imagine their lives without aviation.

Each candidate who meets the requirements for the airline is literally worth its weight in gold, and therefore the advertising campaign continues to this day. The commercials again go on TV, on-board magazines, youtube, SMM, print ads are involved.

Within the framework of the “Try on a dream” program, work is being carried out with students of institutes and schoolchildren who wish to connect their future with aviation professions.

The program has a social aspect. Grants for training are allocated to attract talented young people to the professions in demand. In parallel, a referral program was launched to attract pilots to the company. Until the end of the year, the goal is 50 pilots.

In Kazakhstan, this is the first recruiting project of such a scale, which has grown from a brief on an advertising campaign to a program for attracting new employees to the company and is continued.

Total: The result 2 times exceeded the expected plan. Since the start of the campaign

+40 pilots
+150 cabin crew
+60 aircraft mechanics.

Worth to explain: only residents of Kazakhstan with knowledge of English who have passed the medical examination are allowed.

The PR effect from the campaign: "Try on a dream" posts in SMM gather views, likes and comments many times more than others in the official account feed. People have a huge interest in work in the company. Not only as pilots or cabin crew or engineers. We have been promoting the campaign as the best employer in Kazakhstan. The status that the company confirms from 2016 to this day.