Violence is not our pattern

Violence is not our pattern


Mass Media Fund x Ministry of Transport (Uzbekistan)

Рабочая группа

Agency: Novda
Akhmad Sobitov - Creative Director
Ella Djakhangirova - Producer
Mikhail Zaimbetov - Art Director
Denis Eliseev - Independent Creative Consultant
Mirzo Zominiy - Marketing Communications / Copywriting
Ildar Shaykhulislamov - Designer / Editing
Abdumajid Makhmudov - Project Manager


• Problem:

In 2021-2022, law enforcement agencies received more than 72,000 complaints (87% of which occured in the family) about harassment and violence against women and girls. Uzbekistan did not yet have a serious law guaranteeing the rights of women and girls until the recent past.

There was no criminal punishment for domestic violence, and these crimes were not talked about; even in severe situations, a light fine saved the perpetrators.

And it was high time to draw the public's attention to it and later politicians to make a revolutionary decision on Human Rights.

• Idea:

Uzbek women wear clothes inside the house mainly from ikat (the national cloth fabric). Unique patterns on the ikat are one of the visit cards of the culture in Uzbekistan. Therefore, we thought to draw people's attention precisely in a mixed case with ikat patterns and domestic violence screams.

For the idea to be thorough, the Mass Media Fund helped us to formulate a legal and mental support guide related to women's rights, the necessary information and interviews with women's rights activists, founders of women shelters in Uzbekistan.

• How it works:

We installed billboards, hundreds of posters with QR-code (which leads to the detailed psychological and legal support guide to women who suffered from domestic violence) at the 14 busiest stations and 70+ wagons of the Tashkent Metro.

Hundreds of thousands of Uzbek people began to discuss the topic of domestic violence. Passengers, bloggers and influencers, media and later in Parliament and government caused heated discussions.

• Result:

Thanks to the active influence of social media and the attention of Parliament, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a law to protect women and children from domestic violence. President officially declared domestic violence as a crime in Uzbekistan.

Since the law's adoption, the number of appeals made by women to seek legal and mental support has increased. The number of women's rights activists in strong-men-oriented Uzbek society is also expanding.

Digital media reach
20+ mentions in media,
50+ mentions by social influencers, human rights bloggers
Total impressions 11M+

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