Air Astana - New Safety Video


Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Production: CREATIVITY

Producer - Akzhan Oxykbayeva
Creative Producer - Adil Kaliyev

Director - Aisultan Seit
DoP - Madiar Satybaldiyev
Line Producer - Evgeniya Moreva
Production Design - Nazira Baibekova
Costume - Akbupe Abdrash

Composer - Emil Dosov
Sound Design - Daryn Ady
CGI Team - Silent STD

Creative Agency - TBWA CAC
Account Director - Dana Raushanova, Yekaterina Belyashina
Creative Director - Ilya Kodintsev
Creative Group Head - Yerassyl Bigazinov
Senior Creative Copywriter - Аskhat Orazayev
Art Director - Darya Zhuravleva
Designer - Alfira Abdalimova


SITUATION: Without any doubt, Air Astana is a one-of-a-kind company that represents Kazakhstan on the world stage. The airline could be named the national pride of a whole country because millions of foreigners around the globe use it every day. Air Astana is known for its high-quality service during the flight. And one of the great examples of superior standards is a safety video with pre-flight instructions.

BRIEF: To create a new on-board pre-flight video which matches with outstanding standards of Air Astana and shows that the company is a proud of its people. And as a result, to receive a video that emphasizes the fact that Air Astana is a local company with world recognition.

IDEA: For all foreign passengers, Air Astana conveys its pride in having Kazakhstani roots, meanwhile for locals, the airline has become equal to nations identity and delivers its spirit. To reach both, the video represents a fusion of people, to every company`s team member, ethnic Kazakh roots, Kazakhstan`s spirit in every dimension and global technological advancements with the implementation of advanced solutions in production.


Film craft: Use of Music

Depending on the narrative, the tempo changed for each mini episode while the sound design itself became a vital part of each frame. Usage of tens Kazakh national instruments as Kobyz, Dombyra, Zhetigen etc., underlines Kazakh roots. The video was made in KAZ, ENG, RUS and then translated into 9 more languages.

Film craft: Visual Effects

To show that Air Astana could reach such peaks only with the help of its people and emphasize beautiful national ethnicity, a “TOPVIEW” approach was selected (scenes are seen from the camera in the sky). All the frames in video were made with the help of the CG/VFX department. It started with a soaring eagle sight on the iconic Kazakhstani locations. The “bird of freedom” was made in consistency with the body structure of a real eagle and the physics of flight.

Such safety elements as mask consisting of people and life jacket made of boats, were computer-made by multiplying objects. With the help of CG/VFX, the whole village (Auyl) was cut and then put into the necessary place, moreover, world-famous Baikonur Cosmodrome and the space rocket itself were recreated by using real footage and photographs as a sketch, and we did turn university`s lecture room into flight control center.
Another CG/VFX achievement was airplane 3D map in form of an ancient city with streets, real lanterns, and waving flags, with the architecture of a real city which duplicated emergency exits from the aircraft.

Film craft: Cinematography

The cinematography took a special place in the video because all the people were waiting for an outstanding quality. So, the cameraman needed to create a very clean picture with a smooth transition between frames. Exceptional work with the camera helped to immerse all the passengers into a flawless visual narrative within many different mini episodes. Therefore, the safety video became not only a manual but an adventure into a rich local identity. A thoughtful cinematography work helped to inform people about the valuable flight features and draw attention to a storyline.

Art-direction and Production Design

The valuable piece of work was also made by the art-direction and production design team. By handcraft, a real Auyl was built on the mountainside 300 KM from Almaty, with factual yurts and an iconic swing (Altybakan). For the video, an actual pier was constructed with a dozen identical yellow boats . Moreover, a smooth transition between the Old Times and the New Times was created. Viewers were sent from the city of nomads (Almaty) where the entrance gate and the medieval khan's headquarters were built, to the stage of the theater on the territory of the EXPO exhibition center (Astana). And of course, for Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is famous by first man flying to space from – we have created real rocket interior, with realistic aeronauts’ suits.

Film craft: Video Commercial - services

Air Astana passengers were used to an old safety video; therefore, it was an additional challenge to make from the new one an outstanding replacement. During video production a fundamental approach was implemented, where realization was carefully designed in several stages: 1 year of pre-production, 9 months of filming, and 6 months for post-production.
The video was made to highlight the highest milestones of Kazakhstan - EXPO, natural beauty, sports facilities, architecture achievements, technological advancement and of course to focus on the history of Kazakhstan, where Air Astana occupies a special place.
To reach both locals and foreigners, the work fuses the best parts of our country and delivers it in an unconventional for all airlines cinematographic approach. As a main result, the video is designed to increase the flow and awareness of tourists from outside and reignite the spirit in locals for domestic tourism.


As a main result, the video increased the flow and awareness of tourists from outside and reignite the spirit in locals for domestic tourism. Now video has more than 1 million views on company`s YouTube channel (3 versions) in less than half of year, which comparing to previous safety video (also amazing) version`s less than 200 thousand views in 5 years, also proves that video was liked a much.
We have created a unique fully crafted cinematographic onboard video and received a great feedback and support from locals and foreigners.