Benefits of new corporate identity of Tele2 Kazakhstan


Tele2 Kazakhstan/McCANN Almaty

Рабочая группа

Tele2 Kazakhstan
Anton Serbin - CMO
Arina Gondareva - Senior MarCom Manager
Valentina Andreeva - MarCom Manager
Gulzhan Bekbaganbet - Leading MarCom Specialist

McCANN Almaty
Nikita Korotnev - Executive creative director
Andrey Antyukov - Creative group head
Alexander Savanin - Creative group head
Yuri Vorobiev - Planning group head
Natalia Knyazeva - Strategic planner
Tatiana Bashmachnikova - Group account director
Arailym Kudassova - Senior account manager
Polina Kholodnova - Senior producer


By 2022 the telecommunications market in Kazakhstan has become very monotonous with almost identical product propositions from different brands, while younger Tele2 subscribers grew tired with its creative frame and brand characters becoming outdated.

To win its audience back and to retain Tele2 market position as the second telecomm operator in the country, in 2023 Tele2 launched new brand platform "Beneficially different" that drastically reframed the brand’s role, identity, characters, tone of voice, and style.

The style of the platform was contemplated as a superhero blockbuster with four main characters - Tele2’s “Guards of your interest”, a special unit that confronts “organized disbenefit” in mobile communication. The guards tackle supervillains who represent market unfairness and hidden limits, rescue subscribers and solve consumer problems by introducing them to innovative and value adding products of Tele2.

The new corporate style was based on comic books - recognizable at a first glance habitat of superheroes and was reflected in fonts, new vivid colours, iconography and typography and adopted for the main brand channels: digital, website, video and outdoor. The frame retained Tele2 unique features - simple and honest character, western look and feel, and introduced a spicier, more rebellious and humorous tone of voice that challenged category rules.