“Arcanum” guitar school. HEADlature



Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Igor Golushko, Kolya Shkoda
Art director: Renat Poposhev, Elena Nikulushkina
Copy: Ersultan Karanov
Design: Elena Nikulushkina, Eleonora Kist, Aisulu Yensegen
Senior account manager: Kseniya Zhanokova
CEO: Yulia Yugay



Attract new students to the Arcanum Guitar School.


We decided to reach out to those who think that playing guitar is too difficult for them.

We dived into the context of learning to play guitar and discovered something incredible! Over a hundred world hits can be played using just the 4 simplest chords: Em, C, G, D.

And if even these 4 letters don't tell you anything, it's okay, because there is a tablature - a simple scheme that even a child can understand. The dots on the tablature show where the strings should be clamped. That's it, no complicated music theory!


We came up with a "headlature," a tablature that illustrates the 4 major chords. Instead of dots, we used the heads of famous artists whose major hits can be played with these 4 chords.

"Headlature" has become the basis for posters and social media ads.
Now everyone can realize what an excellent start awaits them when they begin learning to play guitar - dozens of favorite songs that can be mastered in a matter of hours!