“Arcanum” guitar school. HEADlature



Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Igor Golushko, Kolya Shkoda
Art director: Renat Poposhev, Elena Nikulushkina
Copy: Ersultan Karanov
Design: Elena Nikulushkina, Eleonora Kist, Aisulu Yensegen
Senior account manager: Kseniya Zhanokova
CEO: Yulia Yugay


Arcanum Music School is a creative space. So we also decided to approach the task creatively and make KV completely out of plasticine with our own hands.

Molding faces out of plasticine is difficult. It's even harder to mold recognizable faces so that they remain recognizable. An added challenge is sculpting three-dimensional heads from flat photos. Character stylization is a time-consuming process, because in each case you need to find the character of the lines, convey the facial features and peculiarities of each artist, while maintaining realism.

We molded, mashed, re-molded, started over, learned from mistakes, got the hang of it, something came up, we refined it, made revisions, and finally got a head.

In total, a couple million fingerprints were left on the plasticine, several kilometers of "sausages", 2 pairs of glasses and 11 heads were molded. 

And that's what we got!