Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Magamet Khazhaliev
Creative Producer: Uliya Kusherbayeva
Art Director: Dmitriy Kiyko
Senior Designer: Almat Suisimbayev
Designers: Aigerim Suisimbayeva, Konstantin Nizhnikov
Head of Marketing: Elena Ogbonna
Head of PR: Leonid Nigmatullin
Marketing Manager: Aidana Mukhtarkyzy, Almaz Shadyrkulov


Protests and riots in Kazakhstan in January 2022 shocked the population. A burnt down presidential residence and akimat (mayor’s office), vandalized houses and destroyed commercial buildings, a huge number of affected people and businesses.

The Internet was completely shut down, and the population received bits of information from the remaining available sources: TV, radio, forwarded messages, calls to relatives and friends.


On January 20, the red level of the terrorist attack in Almaty was canceled. People returned to the streets of the city, but did not recognize it. The city everyone loved was badly destroyed. The spirit of the residents of Almaty was crushed.

People needed hope.


When you are down, sometimes all you need is to hear: “You are not alone. We’ll figure it out”. We took this message of love and support – and spread it all across Almaty.

We approached 10 talented local artists, who created visuals dedicated to Almaty city, with references every resident would understand. We turned them into art videos with warm and supporting messages, saying that together we can overcome this turn in history.

The videos were broadcast on all digital outdoor screens of Almaty with high frequency, were shared online and reposted with words of hope for a better tomorrow for Almaty and the whole Kazakhstan.

Video messages:

Almaty, everything will be alright
You are Almaty. Take care
We are Almaty. We'll get through this together
The city is proud of each and every one of you
We're together. We'll rebuild our city.
Step by step, everything will get better
Take care of yourself and your loved ones