Epic Tele2 Kazakhstan relaunch


Tele2 Kazakhstan/McCANN Almaty

Рабочая группа

Tele2 Kazakhstan
Anton Serbin - CMO
Arina Gondareva - Senior MarCom Manager
Valentina Andreeva - MarCom Manager
Gulzhan Bekbaganbet - Leading MarCom Specialist

McCANN Almaty
Nikita Korotnev - Executive creative director
Andrey Antyukov - Creative group head
Alexander Savanin - Creative group head
Yuri Vorobiev - Planning group head
Natalia Knyazeva - Strategic planner
Tatiana Bashmachnikova - Group account director
Arailym Kudassova - Senior account manager
Polina Kholodnova - Senior producer


In recent years Tele2 advertising appeal and business indicators began to stagnate as core Tele2 audience was losing interest to the operator, and considered characters and style of communication worn out. In 2023 Tele2 presented new rebellious characters, style, slogan and tone of voice of the brand. But to launch new corporate identity in a noticeable way, to be loud and visible, Tele2 needed a bright creative approach.

So Tele2 decided to treat launch of the new creative frame as a full-scale movie launch in the same coherent and scalable way. The launch campaign started with provocative teasers on TV, outdoor platforms in the city and social media. Additionally, Tele2 became the general partner of one of the most favourite festivals for youth in Almaty – Sxodim Festival, where it was possible to get acquainted with the brand and its new style and build a connection.

A little later, the "GigaGreedy" campaign itself was released, where all parts of the campaign were fully integrated and complemented one another. The TV and OLV videos were made in the format of a series, stimulating viewers’ interest in the long run. All banners were designed with detailed elaboration of light, poses, retouching in style of movie posters to connect with the TV and OLV formats. Vertical ‘vlogger’ mini-videos with main characters were released on Instagram, and complemented with Tik-Tok challenges to boost audience engagement even further. As a final touch, Tele2 released a comic book, board game and souvenirs.

Such a coherent integration of all assets and consideration of each channel specifics allowed Tele2 to be noticed by 15 mln viewers, with 38% View-Through Rate in digital (number of views vs number of impressions, which previously was on 19% on average). Tele2 revenue grew by 15% (July vs June ’23). This has been achieved by both: gaining new customers and strengthening loyalty among current consumer base.

In August 2023 Tele2 managed to maintain positive client growth, which was especially visible during the first campaign “GigaGreedy” with new brand identity was on air from 26 to 31 weeks of 2023 (+4% of current client base). Current users have also increased loyalty to Tele2 which can be seen in the increased average monthly spending per user (+21%) and in the increased internet data usage (+4% Jul vs June ’23).