Branding for Uzbek cuisine restaurant — O'zbegim

Branding for Uzbek cuisine restaurant — O'zbegim



Рабочая группа

Designer-illustrator: Kasimova Sevara
Designer: Rustam Mushraipov
Project manager: Prikhodko Elena


Our task was to create a full-fledged image of the best Uzbek restaurant for entrepreneurs, foreigners and connoisseurs of Uzbek culture, where everyone can immerse themselves in the traditions of Uzbekistan through its gastronomy.
It was necessary to show all the beauty and flavor of the country, making it clear that O'zbegim Restaurant is not a "Milliy Taomlar", but a premium institution, a museum restaurant where every visitor is immersed in an authentic Uzbek atmosphere.

We knew right away that we wouldn't be looking for simple solutions.
The first step was the search for the very brand character who will be able to absorb all the qualities that our restaurant should broadcast.
One of the designers hand-painted an unusual Humo bird, which eventually formed the basis of the logo. The team finalized it and started selecting the font.
An experienced khattot (calligrapher) from the mosque was asked for it.
To choose a corporate color, we plunged into history to find the same shade of blue that covered the domes of mosques and ancient buildings of our country.
It was decided to broadcast the museum character of the restaurant both in the details of the interior with a centuries-old history, brought from different parts of the country, and with the help of the author's interpretation of the most ancient dishes of Uzbek cuisine collected from all corners of Uzbekistan.
According to the concept of "12 viloyats", cultural and, of course, gastronomic peculiarities of each of the regions of the country will be highlighted every month.

In the brandbook, we have laid all the foundations of positioning, branded elements, as well as standard and not-so-brand carriers.
As a result, we managed to move away from standard solutions and create the image of a restaurant where people go not just for delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine, but for sensations and atmosphere, for the desire to get acquainted with the great Uzbekistan, its past and future, and soak up the spirit of the East in every detail.

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