Payme Payment System

Рабочая группа

Creative: Daniyar Abdullaev, Sevara Sabirova, Armen Sokolov
Project manager: Angelina Piskakis
Design: Nazar Sobirov, Gregory Konovalov, Timerbulat Sadikov, Rustam Kalibaev
Video & Animation: Ali Nazarov


Situation and problem: Payme is one of the leading payment systems in Uzbekistan, but most people mostly see it as an app for P2P transfers, since that's the service that's used most often. But Payme isn't just about P2P transfers; it's an ecosystem with various capabilities: checking tax debts, monitoring all financial movements, paying for all utility services in the 'My Home' section, transferring money to checking accounts

The goal of the digital campaign was to get across all the conveniences of using the Payme that the audience isn't aware of. One of the most popular ways to showcase the app's benefits is through tutorials. However, tutorials usually end up being very boring, and no one really wants to finish watching them since they're almost indistinguishable from each other. By the way, in Uzbekistan, people enjoy watching series with local humor and satire that's related to family dynamics. And our families are really, really big!

Idea: So, we decided to do a collaboration: a comedian that the audience knows + tutorials with useful information + everyday Uzbek humor + and unexpected twists in each situation = Success!

Results: Additionally, in partnership with Payme, we developed a blog where we added detailed instructions for using each service.
In the end, the campaign collectively reached an audience of over 3,5 million and garnered 25,000 visits to the instructional blog.

We also encouraged people to share their stories about which Payme services they use most frequently and how it helps them. As a result, we received over 800 unique stories, and from the best ones, Payme created short films.

Elevate financial literacy and make it engaging!