5G 360-launch by Tele2 Kazakhstan


Tele2 Kazakhstan/McCANN Almaty

Рабочая группа

Tele2 Kazakhstan
Anton Serbin - CMO
Arina Gondareva - Senior MarCom Manager
Valentina Andreeva - MarCom Manager
Gulzhan Bekbaganbet - Leading MarCom Specialist

McCANN Almaty
Nikita Korotnev - Executive creative director
Andrey Antyukov - Creative group head
Alexander Savanin - Creative group head
Yuri Vorobiev - Planning group head
Natalia Knyazeva - Strategic planner
Tatiana Bashmachnikova - Group account director
Arailym Kudassova - Senior account manager
Polina Kholodnova - Senior producer


In 2023, Tele2 was one of the first brands in the country to invest in the development of the latest 5G network. But according to research, almost half of the population of Kazakhstan did not understand the difference between 5G and 4G. Moreover, the audience expected 5G service only from the market leader, despite the fact that they did not provide the service at that time. To introduce the innovation and highlight Tele2's leadership in it, Tele2 needed to engage the audience and give access to the technology so that people can experience new speed and Tele2's leadership in technology themselves.

A non-standard task required a non-standard solution. So Tele2 launched a two-staged campaign, including both ATL and BTL channels to build high awareness and engage people into trying the innovation. First, Tele2 ran a targeted digital campaign to notify people in newly covered areas about 5G coverage in their area. But this would not be enough, so Tele2 went further and integrated into the largest summer festivals Sxodim Fest and Yandex.Dacha in Almaty, and opened own branded online park in Astana. To maximize audience with access to 5G, Tele2 offered free entrance to Yandex.Dacha and the Online Park, and a discounted price at Sxodim Fest for Tele2 subscribers.

For those who still couldn’t make it to the Sxodim Fest, Tele2 broadcasted the festival concerts and activities at 5G speed on the brand’s YouTube channel, Instagram and TikTok accounts. This way both festivals’ visitors and its online viewers could see for themselves the advantages of 5G Tele2 - nothing freezes even with a large crowd of people. At Yandex.Dacha and Online Park Tele2 streamed films, lectures and other online content in high quality to show the speed to the large audience. But the best part was that during all three events, Tele2 offered free limitless access to 5G network, so all attendees could test the innovation themselves on their own devices.

Once Tele2 5G network became available in the significant part of the country, a large-scale national campaign was launched to maximize the innovation awareness. The campaign was rolled-out on TV, digital and outdoors.

Tele2 5G digital campaign has been seen by 5,5 mln unique viewers, and reached the vast majority of Tele2 target audience on TV (61% TV 1+ reach). Such a wide reach resulted in 300 thousand visits to the Tele2 website. Sxodim Fest became the first festival in Kazakhstan, which was 100% covered by the 5G network. More than 2 thousand people or every fourth visitor tested Tele2 5G, and more than 1.5 million people watched the broadcasts. The following events became even more successful – cumulatively Yandex.Dacha and the Online park broadcasts were visited by more than 10,000 people.

The coherent combination of ATL and BTL activations has proven effective to meet Tele2 business objectives - shown the difference between 4G and 5G technologies and confirmed Tele2 status as the innovative leader among wide audience. Tele2 overtook the leader in 5G awareness and became the most known 5G provider in the country (+7 pp awareness of 5G in Tele2 among all mobile users, #1 in Kazakhstan; +18pp among Tele2 subscribers, #1 in Kazakhstan – Aug ’23 vs Mar ’23), and increased the number of unique 5G users in Tele2 network +9% (Aug ’23 vs Mar ’23).