Les Ailes: Offer you can't refuse

Les Ailes: Offer you can't refuse


Les Ailes

Рабочая группа

Creative: Daniyar Abdullaev, Sevara Ubaydullaeva
Project manager: Jamola Miralimova
Design: Nazar Sobirov, Gregory Konovalov, Timerbulat Sadikov, Rustam Kalibaev
Video & Animation: Ali Nazarov, Timur Gismatullov
Photographer: Timur Kamilov


"Les Ailes" is a big fast-food chain from Uzbekistan where all dishes are made from chicken.

In December 2022, there was a need to boost Lester Chiz sales. In the quest for a solution, the idea emerged to launch a promotion - offering a new combo of Lester Chiz and Coca-Cola at a record-low price for Uzbekistan - 17,900 sum = 1,5$

But how to present the promotion to capture the interest of our target audience - the youth.
Instead of straightforward advertising, we decided to play on the viral idea of an "Offer You Can't Refuse" for which we had numerous insights: a marriage proposal from the man of your dreams, a car with no markup and waiting, the dream job, a downtown apartment at a low cost, and even the ability to time travel! All of this, or a set from Les Ailes at a record-low price?

To amplify the effect for our audience, we decided to collaborate with well-known young influencers and comedic actors who are popular among the youth.
Together, 6 videos were produced where the characters had to choose between offers they couldn't refuse and a set from Les Ailes.
The campaign reached 3,633,686 people, with a total of 4,242,363 views. We received a wealth of reactions, comments, and shares.

But most importantly, Lester Chiz sales grew by more than 140%!
Wingifying results indeed!