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Рабочая группа

Client – Semen Stolbov, Yelena Savina, Director — Malik Zenger, Producer — Maria Mun, Line Producer — Yevgenia Moreva, DOP — Erke Kyanishbaev


Old Spice is famous in Kazakhstan due to its cool global advertising campaigns, but there is a big usage barrier. Kazakhstani men do not think that having a fresh scent is manly and masculine, so the sales of the brand were low.
We decided to brake this barrier by creating a viral and locally relevant advertising campaign. We started with big idea “Иісіңе сай - астыңа тай!» («The greater the scent, the greater the horse!») because we knew, for Kazakhstani men a cool “horse” is a must have attribute and we wanted a fresh scent to become as important, as a horse. Then we created of local character Cheena that smells fresh and has a cool white horse. Finally, to make Cheena a locally relevant hero, rather than just another annoying advertising character that sells deodorants, we collaborated with popular band — Irina Kairatovna to make a music video about cool guy Cheena. With the help of this song and music video Cheena became popular, so that when he appeared in Old Spice advertising — everyone already knew and liked him. All in all, 360 campaign was launched in Kazakhstan in June 2023 covering all communication channels (TV, in-store, digital, OOH, PR, influencer, offline events, etc) and got amazing results.

«Cheena» music video got over 36 million views on YouTube and entered top 100 music videos on YouTube. The song «Cheena» became top-1 in music charts of Kazakhstan and stayed on this position for 2 months. In addition, Cheena was officially named top-trend of Summer by TikTok Kazakhstan with more than 2 million UGC videos created. TikToks about Cheena man generated more than 2 billion organic views, all for free. But most importantly “Cheena” helped to achieve record-high sales in Summer 2023 for Old Spice. And grew Old Spice market share with index 20%. We managed to break the most important barrier - now it is cool for Kazakhstani men to look after themselves and their scent!