Рабочая группа

Production: 8020 Creative Agency
General producer: Shoqan Valikhanov
Executive producer: Aidana Syzdykova
Scenario: Moldir Karim, Aidana Syzdykova
Director: Moldir Karim, Aidana Syzdykova
2AC: Aisha Daulet
2AD: Yessen Sandugash
DOP: Zhanabekov Azamat, Muratkhan Ersin
Technical Director: Nurashev Marlen
focus: Uakhitov Doskhan
Costume: Azhibekova Zhanerke
Production design: Amangeldinov Aldiyar
Cast: Tolegen Zhanar


BI Group is the largest investment and construction holding in Kazakhstan. In the major cities of the country the company builds residential complexes, schools, and state institutions.

Unfortunately, at one point the company encountered a wave of negativity, due to poor noise insulation in homes standard class.

This led to distrust of the buyers to real estate developers of comfort and business class apartments.

The joint solution was the advertising campaign "Shulaiber", which would attract attention, explain the reason for poor noise insulation in certain houses and tell about the quality of houses of a higher level.

The result of the campaign was a large number of positive opinions of others about the company, thereby we increased the visibility and authority.

A pleasant bonus was that the dinosaur video got viral all over the Kaznet! Publication date: May - July 2023