Yandex 360

Рабочая группа

Yandex 360
Marketing director - Oksana Gaponova
Production lead - Alena Zhukova
Creative lead - Sasha Korolev
Art-director - Pasha Lukianov

Creative Team: 7.47 Yandex Creative Studio

Creative director - Aleksandra Novohazkaya
Senior producer - Inna Omelchenko
Senior art-director - Vasiliy Ovchinnikov
Copywriter - Konstantin Pudan

Stereotactic: production
Directors - Egor Ivanov, Ruslan Borysov
DOP - Artem Zamashnoy
1AD - Mina Khlechan
Producer - Suzanna Mardini

Abstract VS: production service
Producers: Bekzod Abduvaliev, Polina Petrova
Project manager - Lera Popova
Production Designer - Alexandra Kusnetsova
Costume Designers - Misha Medvedeva, Sasha Nguyen
Editor - Dmitriy Lukanin


We are surrounded by tasks, a whirlwind of emails, gigabytes of information that need to be saved, shared with colleagues and not lost, and all of this must be done on the go.
In the video we show how to systematize your media data conveniently at any place and time with the help of a universal service for storing information, sending e-mails, and creating Yandex 360 cloud groups. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, all your media data is always close at hand and secure, even when you are hiking in the mountains!

Бэкстейдж: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1-4T6K4yik&feature=youtu.be