Рабочая группа

Сreative team:
Zebra Hero: creative agency
Creative director - Denis Kolesov
Creator - Andrey Solgalov
Art director - Margo Poghosyan
General Producer - Andrey Paukov
Account manager - Vladlena Starikova
Producer - Masha Penkova
Producer assistant - Anna Emelina

Abstract VS: production

General Producer - Bekzod Abduvaliev
Executive producer - Polina Petrova
Director - Ivan Proskuryakov
Director of photography - Boris Litovchenko
1AD - Valeria Popova
Set Designer - Danya Zupnik
Costume Designer - Lolita Tur
Editor - Vahob Norbutaev
CG - Superpoykin
Color grading - Artem Leonov
Music and SFX - Marat Nugaev


The main idea behind the video series is to show that there is no need to look for any pitfalls and hidden meaning in advertising, because the primary goal is to simply find cheap tickets on Aviasales.
People look for pitfalls when it comes to finding cheap tickets, but we show them absurd situations to focus all their attention on finding cheap tickets, instead of looking for hidden meanings.

Ролик: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rViLNAt50Ps

Бекстейдж: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMj69MA1OSA