Adrenaline Rush

Рабочая группа

Creative Team: Agency - Synthesis
Creative director - Farrukh Sharipov
Copywriter - Sergey Gorobtsov
Designer - Timur Aitov
Account manager - Yulia Gerasimova

Abstract VS: production
General Producer - Bekzod Abduvaliev
Director - Ivan Proskuryakov
DOP - Boris Litovchenko
1AD - Valeria Popova
Line Producer - Kamila Mevlyudova
Art director - Valeria Mukhametsitdykova
Production Designer - Helga Geler
Costume designers - Irina Nadtoka
Special Effects Engineer - Evgeny Shurygin
Editor - Khodjiakbar Lutfullakhodjayev
Clean up, VFX - Aydos Kenzheev
Color grading - Viktor Mogilat
Sound designer - Akbar Yusupov


Uzbek society, despite its inherent democratic nature, still suffers greatly from old prejudices: it is shameful (“uyat”) to talk about social problems, it is shameful to be a divorced woman, it is shameful to fight for one's rights...and there are many, many thing considered to be shameful. Together with Adrenaline Rush and musicians Konsta & Timur Alixonov, we decided to create an anthem for modern Uzbek youth to proclaim the shameful as unshameful.

The branded music video featured real Uzbek opinion leaders, young people who were not afraid to go against the established stereotypes of the society. We use the symbol of TV screen to show we need to go out of it borders.

In the first month since its release, the clip has garnered over a million views on YouTube and generated a massive public outcry.