Maybe this is our last chance?



Рабочая группа

Agency: FCB Artgroup
Regional Creative Director: Juan Pablo Valencia
Copywriter: Juan Pablo Valencia
Art Directors: Juan Pablo Valencia / Doniyor Mamanov
Account Director: Rustem Sadvakassov
Regional Digital Director: Tarlan Useynov
Digital Media Manager: Oleg Kozyrev

Production Company: Human
DOP – Editing: Din-Islam Sabyrbay
Producer: Marlen Kapbar

Client: Unilever
Ece Bagatur
Anna Panina
Banu Duyuldu
Margarita Khon
Olga Mert


8th March is the International Women's Day, but also, considered as the Mother's Day in Kazakhstan.

That's why Pure Line, a women's beauty brand (Unilever's Brand), wanted to celebrate to all mothers of our country in a special and unique way, plus to use this opportunity to reflect its mission of taking care of nature and our planet one more time, highlighting and remembering the importance and necessity of loving also to our other mother: Our Mother Earth, who was celebrating also a new anniversary at 22nd April.

To deliver this, we created a film that was aired one week earlier than 8th March. We invited a group of future mothers and consumers and we asked a question. After they answered we clarified them what we meant with the question. Obviously the reaction was unexpected for all of them...

The whole video and case you can see it on the following link: