Digital videos for social media


Carlsberg Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Creative director – Timur Dzhiembaev
Art-director: Semyon Mishchinenko
Designer: Akan Nukusbayev
Copywriter: Evgeniya Kan
Project manager: Yekaterina Bakhareva


The initial brief was about making a short single video for Instagram.
We suggested using the channel’s capabilities more creatively.
Thus, a full-fledged animation clip and a series of animated Instagram stories with Gus blogger were brought into life.

Both the video and mini-stories are made in the corporate style of the Zatecky Gus product, which imitates crude colored woodcuts.

Each story goes in the vertical format of Stories and simulates situations familiar to all users using media functions (for example, imitating interactivity when addressing directly to the audience, selfie taking effects).

More than 6 millions views over the period of three months since launch of the campaign.

Issue date - May 2019