Naming, label and packaging design for vintage cognac

Naming, label and packaging design for vintage cognac



Рабочая группа

Andrey Khalov — Art Director
Ivan Dubovcev — Designer
Dmitriy Larionov, Nail Muratov — Copywriters


• Come up with a name, create a label and packaging for limited batch of cognac
made of 16-years-old cognac spirits, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the
Bacchus plant.
• This cognac will be the most expensive product in the assortment matrix and will be
released in a limited edition (1000 bottles only).
• It will be distributed in Kazakhstan in specialized stores and retail chains of the highprice
• It is important to express the exclusivity and high cost. Also it is necessary to
emphasize the peculiarity of the date – a proud moment not only for the plant, but
for the country as well.

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