How to protect yourself from bank card fraud? By and ForteBank

How to protect yourself from bank card fraud? By and ForteBank



Рабочая группа

The project team consisted of the employees of the’s commercial department including chief-editor of native advertising Kristina Nikulina, author Karina Davtyan and designer Dina Lee.

Elvira Peltola, pr-manager, has worked on the project from the ForteBank's side.


Campaign summary: The client, ForteBank, approached’s commercial department, with the idea of an educational content project which would help communicate to ForteBank’s clients in particular, and Kazakhstani bank card users in general, the basic security knowledge needed for using their bank card safely.
Period: July 1 - August 1, 2019.

Insights: Two key insights that we’ve taken into consideration while working on this special project:

1. People in Kazakhstan might not think enough about their personal financial security in the context of everyday life, while there are a lot of potential situations where someone can take advantage of it. For instance, when we pay the bill in a restaurant, we tend to give our bank card to the waiter and we rarely think that he or she may copy our personal bank information written on the card which might be enough to pay online.

2. People tend to think that it is solely the bank’s responsibility to care about someone’s financial security linked to the bank services and products.

Solution: The idea of the special project was to communicate basic financial security tips and lifehacks to the readers of using interactive formats that would help users to protect themselves and eliminate fraud attacks from malefactors just by knowing their typical behavior and methods.
Format: The special project consists of three publications at All three are designed using ForteBank’s brand colors and address common topic - bank security and the typical patterns of behavior used by malefactors. Two of them are in a test format and one is a listicle.

- Total reach - over 25 000 pageviews
- Total social media shares - 1700
- Average time spent on text publication page: 8.10 mins