SANTO (Polpharma Group)

Рабочая группа

The project team consisted of the employees of the Informburo.kz’s commercial department including chief-editor of native advertising Kristina Nikulina and designer Dina Lee.
Tatyana Filipchik, Yelena Arysheva and Alyona Orlova has been working on the project from the client’s side.


Campaign summary: The client, “Chimpharm” JSC with SANTO Member of Polpharma Group trade mark (further – SANTO), approached us, Informburo.kz’s commercial department, with the PR objective - to change attitude of Kazakhstani customers towards their production facility located in Shymkent (one of the major Kazakhstani cities) as well as high-quality pharmaceutical products that are produced there.
Period: June, 2017 - current time

Insights: SANTO’s insight that they brought to the project’s production team was that Kazakhstani people are prejudice towards pharmaceutical products that are being produced locally. People assume that Kazakhstan is not industrialized and technologically developed and therefore it cannot produce high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Solution: Informburo.kz has helped SANTO to communicate to the Kazakhstani readership that SANTO and Himfarm are part of a major European pharmaceutical group and that European management have organized the production to meet all of the European and international standards essential for the delivery of their product in global marketplace.
Format: The special project has been running for two years. It contains over 50 publications that examine the PR objective from various angles. It provides information on different aspects of the work of the SANTO company including: its mission, general health topics and analytical materials about the health industry in Kazakhstan.
We have used the following formats: interviews, listicles, monologues, photoreports, tests, news, videos, instructions etc.

- Total reach - over 350 000 pageviews
- Total number of social media shares - over 28 000 shares
- Average time spent on a publication page: 4.94 mins
- Average readability (average percentage of readers who read the story till the end) - 34%