Рабочая группа

Ivan Massyutin – CDO, initiator and organizer of project, platform technical support;
Arman Matkulov – COO, responsible for working with the organizers of international e-sports tournaments;
Alexandr Panteleyev - creation of a communication strategy;
Indira Mikloshich – support of social Networks, support for online platforms and users;
Alexandr Morgun – online campaign optimization.

Natalya Soboleva - Marketing Director, support and organization of creative and media team;
Dinara Eleuova - online and offline communication support, organization of the BTL part of the project;
Madina Saulenbaeva - organization of the BTL part of the project, organization of work with bloggers


ALTEL is the operator who is the first launch new technologies to the market for its users and always goes ahead, mastering innovative markets. ALTEL was the first who launched 4G Internet in Kazakhstan. The goal of the operator is to provide users with the best mobile data transfer rate in the country. From 2018 the new part of the brand’s strategy became the development of the territory of the fastest growing area in the Internet space - the territory of e-sports. The task was to use innovative territories to underline brand positioning as the leader in high speed Internet technology.

In order to enable consumers in Kazakhstan to get in touch with the world of this spectacular e-sports, it was decided to organize a large-scale event for the whole country - a professional cybersport tournament, the attention to which is growing from year to year.
This event was the largest Kazakhstan Counter Strike: GO Championship for the ALTEL CyberGames Cup with a prize pool of 10,000,000 tenge.
By the way, in the wake of creating hype around ALTEL CyberGames Cup, the government of Kazakhstan recognized eSports as an official sport. The idea became not only a trend, but also an engine.

Work on the project took place in two stages.
The goal of the first stage, which was held July 14 - 31, 2018, was to attract participants, spectators and the mass media to the Championship.
• We developed and launched the site https://altelcybergames.kz/, so that anyone can find all the information about the event: dates, time and venue, rules, statistics of players and teams, could watch video recordings of the Championship games and get the latest news ;
• Especially for those who wanted to assemble their own team, we developed a mechanic that helped register and taught the basic rules of the Championship;
• Created a YouTube channel with educational and entertaining content on the game Counter Strike and live broadcast of the Championship games;
• Created a video invitation to the CS: GO Championship on YouTube;
• Launched banner and contextual advertising;
• Developed and launched an advertising campaign on social networks: promo publications and videos on the official pages and accounts of the Habb partner.
The second stage, from August 1 to September 2, 2018 was an organization and full study of ivent.
• Organized advertising support on the Internet: launched banner and contextual advertising, videos and advertising on social networks;
• Launched advertising on television and placed a large number of outdoor advertising in large formats - billboards and media boards;
• Conducted a vivid show - the final game of the CS: GO Championship at the largest stadium “Almaty Arena”, together with the client prepared themed zones, entertainment, rallies, animator shows and so on.
• Organized large-scale media promotion of the Championship finals;
• Organized the broadcast of the game on Twitch, HellTV.org, YouTube.

• The Championship website brought 161 000 unique users, 970 000 page views of the site within 48 days. Low Bounce rate of the site - 5.2%;
• 4,200 players registered to participate in the CS: GO Championship, 311 teams qualified for participation, more than 5000 people attend the event;
• Success in the media. Thanks to the Championship, it was possible to cover 81% of the target audience of the ALTEL brand, the organic growth of awareness about the Championship was 17%, coverage only in social networks amounted to 1 251 438 people;
• TOM (Top of Mind) grew by 2%;
• The growth of SBA (spontaneous brand awareness) of the ALTEL brand amounted to 7%.