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Brand manager category Mars Wrigley Kazakhstan: Incar Matasheva
Strategy: Raim Dadybayev
Account: Ardak Nurzhakanova
Idea: Zhandos Tungyshbaev @zhandos_t, Beksultan Kazybek @k_beksultan
Director: Zhandos Tungyshbaev @zhandos_t, Beksultan Kazybek @k_beksultan
Operator: Diaz Shibanov @ dis45
Producer: Alia Kosaeva @aleka_homa, Mira Evgenievna @chelovekmirachelovek
Stylist: Aizhan Kalieva @ai_kali
Makeup and hair: Galia Begeeva @gluuka
Set Designer: Alia Kosaeva @aleka_homa, Asem Makina @semadauli
Line Mount: Temirlan Ataulla @ataullatim
Post-prod: Arseny Abdrakhmanov @ arsenak8
VFX: Arseny Abdrakhmanov @ arsenak8, Muhammad Ilmuratov @jbjbshka
Light: Asanaly Mukashev @ asanali81, Zhandos Dosmakov @dosmakovv
Focus puller: Fatima Yesetova @fatima_yessetova
Techniques: Furhat Safarov @ fura567cl, Sergey Slobodchikov @sergutto,
Casting: Prots Yurievna @prots__
Administration: Temirlan Ataulla @ataullatim, Ilnur Bildanov @ibildanov, Sarytok Amantay @sarytoka
Bit: @dashxxdash
Rollup @darian_kz


GOAL: increase SNICKERS relevance for the youth audience by changing the famous logo on the package to 8 hunger symptoms.

OBJECTIVE: communicate the new package to the youth who don’t watch TV and skips online advertising

INSIGHT: Kazakh youth expresses their personalities through long hair, tattoos, body parts exposure &, etc, but they risk hearing UYAT for their non-standard appearance. UYAT – shame, the massive ostracism of ‘indecent’ behavior presented by religious activists and tradition’s supporters. One of the activists, a.k.a. UYATMAN, even closed naked statues in public with his clothes.

IDEA: You are UYAT when you are hungry.

SOLUTION: we invited Jokeasses - a team of popular viners to make a music video about the most relevant theme for Kazakh youth – UYAT. Song lyrics with memes explain to young people in 3 languages simple idea «to be yourself is not UYAT, but UYAT is to be wild, grouchy & grumpy (hunger symptoms)». Brand role: to become normal you need to satisfy your hunger with the legendary bar. All symptoms were integrated into the music video & lyrics.

RESULTS: top 10 videos of KZ Youtube trends in 3 hours
780K+ views (the video was posted in few weeks after temporary Kazakhstan president came so we competed with political content & youtube blockage)
52K+ likes and 5K+ comments, 90% are positive
1,6M+ shows and 1,3M+ views on Instagram
ERvideo 13,5%
Coverage 2.28M