LalaConf is the №1 business event for entrepreneurs in Bishkek


Lalafo - AI powered C2C marketplace

Рабочая группа

Team Lalafo: 10 people (full time staff)
1) Dasha Sukhodolova
2) Ekaterina Svetacheva
3) Kostiantyn Miska
4) Karina Adamenko
5) Aikanysh Beishembaeva
7) Yulya Golovko
8) Elena Varanitsa
9) Zhenia Nagai
10) Irina Nelga


Business goal:
B2B market entry and brand positioning as an “online sales expert”

Business community in Kyrgyzstan is underdeveloped
No large scale media and platforms for B2B

Idea: organise a business conference
Gather 600+ entrepreneurs
Invite international entrepreneurs and self-made multimillionaires prepared to share their success stories in Kyrgyzstan

Result: networking + knowledge + inspiration and opportunity to promote our services

Solution: LalaConf - business event #1 in Kyrgyzstan
11 speakers: millionaires, founders and top managers of well known companies from 5 countries (no speaker fees)
Venue for 617 seats (one of the largest in Bishkek)
Wow-presentation of our product in Apple style
Involve partners and bloggers
Engage mass media

LalaConf date: 9 June 2019
617 participants-entrepreneurs
Team: 10 people (full time staff)
Preparation time: 5 months
Event and venue branding: 99.9%
NPS: 31%
The event has been widely supported by the business community free of charge

Total media reach: 1.7mln people (⅓ Kyrgyzstan population)
Online media : 15 publications, reach 220 000
Radio and TV: 1700 spots and news mentions about Lalaconf
Paid online advertising reaching 1mln people (business segment))
70 bloggers and partners have been involved in covering the conference
Received free advertising, positive reviews and posts on Instagram and Facebook from our participants.
Total social media reach: 1.5 mln people.

Business results:
WOW presentation of a new product in front of 600+ people
Strengthened our brand positioning as an “online sales expert”
3 month of high media pressure in all national mass media
5 000 sales leads
Sales have gone up 8% over 2 months after the conference