BALTIMOR Seafood Bar

BALTIMOR Seafood Bar


Fox Restaurant Concepts / Phoenix, Arizona

Рабочая группа

Art Director: Sergey Kurilenkov
Account Director: Alexandr Alexeyev


Classic Asian seafood cuisine always includes dishes from sea products: squid, octopus and cuttlefish. In preparation for this kind of dishes, chefs often use various spices, sauces, and dressings. Recipes are traditional for many eastern regions.
However, many European and American people don't appreciate eastern style seafood and prefer Mediterranean and Western Europe fish dishes.
Baltimor is the first bar in Arizona with fully adapted classic Asian cuisine to European and American people.

Create a logo and corporate identity for the new bar. The main message must be “Adaptive Asian seafood cuisine”.
The logo should be simple and meaningful for easy identification.

Since we are considering a cuisine which was originally Asian and adapted later, we decided to implement two classic forms. The octopus for Asian cuisine, and the fish for European cuisine.

Octopuses can change the color and texture of the skin depending on the conditions. This is a good camouflage from enemies and a necessary way to communicate with other inhabitants of the ocean. Its shape can adapt to the environment, what makes the octopus unique.
Many fishes are very different in shape and color. Therefore, we used the classic form of fish to indicate all species at once.

While creating the logo, we noticed that the shape of the octopus is similar to an upside-down fork. This coincidence helped to create a unique logo of the fork shape with a fish dish. A fork that looks like an octopus or an octopus resembling a fork.
Strange Asian cuisine adapted to the new culinary environment.
Bar name was chosen in honor of the American city of Baltimore, the largest port city and huge supplier for many types of seafood to different states. The letter “E” is excluded from the name of the bar, according to the rules don't use the real names of places and cities with other locations.
Different color variations were implemented to the logo that retains the recognition of the idea.
The diagonal lines of the corporate pattern add the dynamics of waves in a strict linear form.

The Baltimor Bar is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2019.