Leroy Merlin Nauryz Bazaar


Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan
Irina Pravdina, Head of Marketing communications
Darima Tsoktoeva, Senior Community manager
Aigerim Abdrakhmanova – Offline Community manager
Yuliya Uvarova – HR manager

Bestseller Event Agency
Mira Salambayeva, Producer
Assel Eskindirova, Producer


At the time of the event, the Leroy Merlin brand in Kazakhstan was less than a year old.
Also, since the local population had difficulties with brand perception, it was important to localize it, make it closer and more understandable to customers.

Make the beginning of the construction season vivid and unforgettable
Improve brand awareness among the target audience
Localize the brand
Let customers feel and try the assortment of the store in a game and entertainment format


As the start of the construction season coincided with a major national holiday, the event was called Nauryz Bazaar.
The “oriental bazaar” format was chosen primarily as a tribute to the country’s oriental culture (since the store is actually located on the famous Silk Way), but also to create a connection with local customers and to take advantage of the atmosphere of a bazaar, featuring entertainment, traditional food and bargaining, to engage the audience.

Various activities took place throughout the day, both inside the store and in the parking area.
Over 20 national games were adapted to modern lifestyle and played using a variety of Leroy Merlin goods.
During workshops, employees and guests worked together to assemble yurts from plastic water pipes and put together a traditional mini Altybakan swing using materials from the carpentry department.
In order to increase sales at the festival, a prize draw was held. Customers received a raffle ticket for every 3,000 tenge spent in-store during the event.

The event was attended by 21,000 visitors.
On the day of the event, sales reached their highest level since the store opened.
The store’s official Instagram account attracted an additional 4,321 followers,
More than 900 000 people reached on Social media. 2.5 time ER increased during the event.