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Regional Executive Creative Director: Anze Jereb
CEO: Danil Maslov
Creative Director: Aleksey Maksymenko
Senior copywriter: Renata Khusnutdinova
Copywriter: Erika Romero
Client service director: Yulia Yugay

Production: NO STARS
Director - Eugeniy Gozheyshiy
DOP - Denys Lushchyk
1 AD - Sergey Kornienko
Executive Producer - Иван Крутоус
Producer - Daria Volgina
Producer assistant - Solomiia Poplavska
Production Designer - Ilya Isupov
SFX - Snow Business Ukraine
Casting - Кастинг-агентство Cast
Style - Dina Golubeva
Location - AT POINT
Production Manager - Mikola Poluden'
Post production - Coffeepost post production
Editor - Yuri Reznichenko, #bladeboutique
Color correction - Olya Korzhinskaya
Music & Sound - Handbag House Sound Production
Special thanks to: Соня Герасимова, Kinopoint


Washing machines' functionality doesn't differ much from each other in low price segment. The leader of this segment is well-known to the consumer by the one single function - to add an additional sock into its drum. In the LG washing machines it is also possible and even more, but no one knows about it.

We came up with the fictional function "Open door" for LG washing machines, to show consumers that with LG washing machines you can add things during the washing and also get it out!
And there are so many situations when you need to get something out of the washing machine: documents, phone, wallet or even your favorite cat.

It seems that if the laundry started, and an important document remained in the pockets of the clothes, this is a tragedy. But it’s not when you use the LG washing machine with the Open Door function. Now you can not only add things during washing, but also get it out!