Packaging concept for "Dreaming is healthy" ("Мечтать полезно") - Healthy food for children


“Dreaming is healthy" ("Мечтать полезно")

Рабочая группа

Team leader: Malika Saatova
Designer: Diana Suleymanova
Illustrator: Adelya Kozhanazarova
Copywriter: Rustam Makhamadjanov


Problem: Children do not like healthy food - different mashed potatoes, vegetables, vitamins. This food should make up the majority of the ration for a growing organism.

Objective: To make sure that children are happy to eat healthy food.

Solution: Make the whole line of healthy food in the form of food for astronauts, because one of the most popular desires of children is to become an astronaut. The name was chosen on the basis of Russian stable expression “Dreaming is not harmful” (“Мечтать не вредно”). In our case, it is not only not harmful, but also “Dreaming is healthy!” ("Мечтать полезно!").