Future House

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Farkhod Norbaev
Art Director: Vitaliy Khalzunov
Copywriter: Samara Akhmad
Graphic Designer: Viktoria Sharafutdinova
Graphic Designer: Shakhzod Saliev
Strategic Planner: Lobar Alieva
Client Service Director: Nargiz Kamalova


All branding of local developers is the same, they position themselves as pretentious, elite, not for ordinary people. And in their communication, they talk only about the rational benefits of their residential complexes: buildings, prices, luxury life. But customers don't know what actually they will get in the end.

To create a logo and brand identity for a residential complex Family Garden, that cares about customers and their families.

Buying an apartment in Family Garden, a person does not buy the layout, the facade of the building or the status, but buys a place where he will feel calmer, cozier and happier with his family and children.

Children are always carefree, they are not worried about a small space, inconvenience, they are always having fun, playing, running, etc.

And when you ask a child to draw a family, he always draws a house, mom, dad and himself. Therefore, this image is very familiar and close to parents.
Even if it looks a little sloppy, not perfect, but it has a naturalness, care, and soul.

That's what inspired us to create such a logo and brand identity.