Visual identity for "Atlas Cinema"


Atlas Cinema

Рабочая группа

Designer: Nurlan Temirzhanov
Appazov Agency


Atlas Cinema Identity

Creation of a logo and corporate identity for a new multiplex cinema network in the cities of Petropavlovsk and Kokshetau (Kazakhstan).

The brand name, which combines two meanings, was taken as the basis for the development of identities:
- Atlas (Eng.) - the mythical character Atlas, a mighty titan, holding the globe on his shoulders, a vault of heaven
- Atlas - geographical atlas, atlas of the starry sky

The Atlas logo depicts holding not a vault of heaven, but the basis of cinema fundamentals - a film strip.
Cinema is an immortal art. Eternal as the sky. Cinema is a whole world, an endless and boundless journey in space and time.
The ancient Greek hero is combined with images of the era of the birth of cinema - a running film and lightboxes of the first Hollywood movie theaters.
They also served as inspiration for the choice of fonts and the use of parallel lines in a corporate style.

Large typography, minimalistic linear forms and the contrasting combination of red and black, traditional for movie theaters, are contrasted with the classical images and the fundamentality of the logo (writing Atlas Cinema in the form of a pedestal for Atlant).