Gravity Bar distorts space

Gravity Bar distorts space



Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Farkhod Norbaev
Art Director: Vitaliy Khalzunov
Copywriter: Samara Akhmad
Graphic Designer: Viktoria Sharafutdinova
Graphic Designer: Shakhzod Saliev
Strategic Planner: Lobar Alieva
Client Service Director: Nargiz Kamalova


Gravity is the bodies in the universe that bend space and time to form an attraction that causes these same bodies to move in the same direction. Also, it's a modern hotel bar in Tashkent, the brand identity of which reflects the essence of gravity, attracting everything around him to one point and bending the space-background.

To announce the opening of the bar, having a low marketing budget.

We have created a series of posters that change the structure of urban non-advertising surfaces that attract the attention of passers-by through visual play with reality.

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