Golden House

Рабочая группа

Synthesis creative lab


Throughout the construction phase, potential customers are not always able to envision what the residential complex will look like in the end.

Therefore, Golden House Development decided to hold a full-fledged presentation of the future Mirabad Avenue residence. To create a true impression of the planned complex, we proposed building one of its parts inside Hyatt Regency Tashkent - the venue for the presentation. In particular, we suggested designing a replica of the existing facade in 3D down to the smallest detail by creating imitation paving stones and recreating evening lights.

This allowed the guests to immerse themselves in the evening atmosphere of Mirabad Avenue’s courtyard and to get a feel of the residence’s final appearance, while it was still under construction.

During the day, the invited guests shared lots of photos from the event on social media. In addition, the evening was covered by various media outlets. Hence, the project was seen not only by those who attended the event, but also by Internet users.