Corporate Identity for NGO Opportunity (ННО Имконият) - women's rights organization


NGO Opportunity (ННО Имконият)

Рабочая группа

Team leader: Malika Saatova
Designer: Yuliya Saatova
Copywriter: Rustam Makhamadjanov


Social services according to the International standard were launched in Uzbekistan quite recently, now they entered the phase of open communication with the population. The level of social protection of the female population is at a rather low level. According to the analysis of complaints to “1146” hotline for the first three months of the year, the most common type of violence against women is domestic violence. 207 of 430 complaints relate to spouse violence.

Objective: create a logo that introduces the organization as a place for association and help for women with common problems, and bears the idea of equality regardless of gender.

Solution: The Sun does not distinguish between people and shines the equally for everyone.
Our Sun - NGO Opportunity - carries the idea of equality: gender equality, equality of rights, equality of freedoms. Rays around the sun made of droplets - they represent tears and drops of blood as a symbol of violence, suffering and problems concerning women. The droplets are coloured in gender colour and unite in a circle to form the Sun.