Daily Green

Рабочая группа

Client service: Elina Ibragimova, Jasurbek Gazinazarov
Strategy: Elina Ibragimova
Art-direction: Temur Sadi
Design: Temur Sadi, Rovshan Kidryachyov
Animation: Timur Yeliseev


The agency was challenged to develop brand positioning, naming, corporate identity and packaging design for fresh greens and spices in pots at the Tashkent market.

People buy fresh greens at bazaars or grocery stores. If the greens and herbs are not used immediately after purchase, they are wasted. And it is not always convenient to go to store or bazaar just to buy greens. With our product, people will be able to maintain their own mini-garden on the windowsill all year round and use the greens "just torn from the garden" without going to the store.

Greens and herbs in pots is a new product to our market, it is unusual for the consumer. So it is necessary to create a personal connection between the product and the consumer.
Since the target audience is modern urban residents, they are almost certainly not aware of the nuances of growing greenery.
Therefore, we decided to build positioning based on the role of a wise adviser who helps, directs and teaches the intricacies of applied gardening.
To make communication more personal, we conducted it in the form of a dialogue between the product itself and its new owner.

New name of the brand “Daily Green” is easily pronounced and communicates the essence of the product — getting fresh greens every day.
Stylized images of leaves were chosen as graphic elements of corporate identity. They are easy to read and to identify the products, and are also easy to combine for further usage in other media.
On the package there is always an appeal to the owner (helps to keep the attention of the buyer in the store), which includes the name of the product and care tips (i.e. conveys useful information in response to positioning).