Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
Videographer/Editor: Maxim Malov
Project Manager: Natalya Abdullatypova


Project objective:
Recruiting cabin crew, pilots, aircraft mechanics to Air Astana.

Does this work suit me? What is inside the profession?

Idea and tagline:
Try on a dream.

The commercials are about personal stories of those who can’t imagine their lives without aviation and work in it every day. This film was a part of "Try on a dream" 360`advertising campaign.

Ambassadors served as a living example for people from different, even the smallest cities of Kazakhstan. So the others can say "this is my countryman, I am proud of him, I want to be like him".

Timur Mashurov, the captain of the Boeing 767, is a real idol for everyone who dreams of a career as a pilot in Kazakhstan. When he says that he left a professional sports career for the sake of a dream, tears come to people's eyes. And cabin crew, telling their story, make it clear that this is more than a cup of coffee for a passenger.

Engineers who joke about themselves “we work with airplanes but don’t fly on them” come out of the shadows to say touching words about their daily motivation for work.

So that everything went from the heart, we asked the guys to answer 50 questions about their childhood, about their family, about how important is to follow the dream no matter what. Everyone said different words, but all about one thing: "Air Astana is a place where I can realize myself".

We did not have a huge budget, there was not much equipment involved, no effects, small team. There was only a desire to talk about worthy people in aviation.

We also cannot boast of huge coverage on TV and the Internet. But each time when 500-700 students sit in the audience and we show the film, we receive hundreds of applications in response.

The success of an advertising campaign delivered by a split. Compounds of free own channels, as onboard screens, magazines, teacups, web site, etc + channels clearly targeted to the needed audience. Everything works.

Total: The result of the advertising campaign several times exceeded the expected forecast and at the moment is:
+40 pilots since the start of the campaign. It is worth explaining that only residents of Kazakhstan with a high level of English and undergoing a rigorous medical examination are allowed to select.
+150 cabin crew.
+60 aircraft mechanics.

As part of the “Try on a Dream” program, work is being carried out with students of institutes and schoolchildren who wish to connect their future with aviation professions. The program has a social aspect. Grants for training are allocated to attract talented young people to the professions in demand. In parallel, a referral program was launched to attract pilots to the company. Until the end of the year, the goal is +50 pilots.

In Kazakhstan, this is the first recruiting project of such a scale, which has grown from a brief on an advertising campaign to a program for attracting new employees to the company and is continued.