Red Gold

Рабочая группа

Naming: Tamerlan Ismayilov
Art Director & Graphic Designer: Talat Aliyev


Red Gold is a company engaged in the cultivation and production of Saffron in Absheron peninsula of Azerbaijan. Saffron is a unique spice that combines a lot of useful properties. Regular consumption of this spice cleanses the liver, blood, improves complexion, raises mood and revitalizes the whole body. This is the most unique herbal remedy and one of the most expensive spices on earth. “Red Gold” is a brand of “Made in Azerbaijan” and it has set a goal to enter the world market with famous Azerbaijani saffron. Our task was to come up with naming and branding. Since saffron is a specific brand, this was the primary criterion for implementation.

In Azerbaijan, oil is called black gold, cotton is called white gold, saffron is also very valueable for our country, that's why we come up with naming Red Gold.

After a lot of sketching of flowers, we found the most interesting proportions and appearance, which express both classicism and modernity. The trademark symbolizes six petals and three stigmas of a seed saffron. We chose very stylish and classic colors - variations of gold and brick red color, which brought delicacy and elegance to the brand identity.

The main colors of the brand combine the main color of dried stigmas of saffron flower and the brand name. The final result turned out refined and graceful, it was immediately approved by the client.

This project was published on January 27, 2018 on Behance.