The worst advertisement for the best beer.


LLC Abdysh-Ata

Рабочая группа

Production: Antares Creative Group
CD, Director: Nikita Frankovskiy
Director of photography: Pavel Solomko
Operator Assistant: Konstantin Makarenko
Backstage: Eugene Chichurko
Sound producer: Murat Azhiev
Editor: Maxim Manichkin
Color Correction: Michael Em
Art department: Belek Ibraev, Elena Dedikova
Sound actor: Maxim Poletaev
Graphic Designer: Elena Dedikova
Photographer: Denis Bogachev
Line producer: Tynchtyk Abalkasymov
Producer: Nargiza Sydykova
Managing Director: Aziz Hasanov


Task: To create a commercial for the beer brand Shakhterskoe Nashe to stand out among the communications of competitors during the summer peak sales period. Also there is always Dark Market.

Idea: Shakhterskoe Nashe is a low-price product, therefore we decided to stress on the fact that producer company makes a great beer instead of making great ads. Since you can’t do two things equally well.