«MegaHome» от Megacom


MegaCom - CJSC Alfa Telecom

Рабочая группа

Production: Antares Creative Group
CD: Nikita Frankovskiy
Director: Stepan Golovash
Director of photography: Pavel Solomko
Operator Assistant: Konstantin Makarenko
Backstage: Eugene Chichurko
Sound producer: Murat Azhiev
Editor, Color Correction: Michael Em
CG artist: Maxim Manichkin
Make-up artist: Anna Golovina
Art department: Belek Ibraev, Elena Dedikova
Photographer: Denis Bogachev
Location and casting manager: Aisha Chushtukova
Producer: Nargiza Sydykova
Managing Director: Aziz Hasanov


Task: To produce a presentation video for the new plan for home use from national telecommunications company Magacom. The new plan includes Internet, TV and 2 SIM cards.

Idea: In our market telecommunications companies prefer to show a happy family in advertising. They are always so amazingly pleased with the quality of the connection and the profitability of the plan. We decided to build a video around an atypical character - a cat. It is outraged that it is receiving less attention. MegaHome plan turned out to be a very beneficial for every member of the family. During the filming, not a single cat was hurt and it was not deprived of attention at all.