“Alive, and how!”(Живое, да еще какое!)


LLC Abdysh-Ata Категория Категория

Рабочая группа

Production: Antares Creative Group
CD: Nikita Frankovskiy
Director: Michail Em
Director of photography: Pavel Solomko
Operator Assistant: Konstantin Makarenko
Gaffer: Evgeniy Buryak
Backstage: Eugene Chichurko
Sound producer: Murat Azhiev
Editor, CG artist: Maxim Manichkin
Color Correction: Michael Em
Make-up artist: Irina Fedorenko
Art department: Belek Ibraev, Elena Dedikova
Photographer: Denis Bogachev
Key visual: Elena Dedikova
SMM specialist: Saikal Toktogulova
SMM copywriter: Diana Ruslanova
Line producer: Tynchtyk Abylkasymov
Producer: Nargiza Sydykova
Managing Director: Aziz Hasanov


Task: Despite off restrictions on Dark Market, to develop a viral video to consolidate the positioning of Zhivoe beer. This is the beer that young people prefer.
Idea: We decided to play with words. To do this, we shot a series of videos in the most popular movie genres: horror, science fiction, western. The ads play with two connotations of zhivoe: life (as in the phrase “full of life”) and alive (as in “there are signs of life), which can be roughly translated as: “Alive, and how!” Before screening the videos, we launched a digital campaign where a “living” alien was sent to the city and he had his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. He informed his followers that he is taking part in the shooting of the first science fiction film in Kyrgyzstan. And after a month, when the people were waiting for the premier of the “movie”, three ads, one after one, were launched on the net.