“Alive, and how!”(Живое,да еще какое!). Western Edition.


LLC Abdysh-Ata Категория

Рабочая группа

Production: Antares Creative Group
CD: Nikita Frankovskiy
Director: Michail Em
Director of photography: Pavel Solomko
Operator Assistant: Konstantin Makarenko
Gaffer: Evgeniy Buryak
Backstage: Eugene Chichurko
Sound producer: Murat Azhiev
Editor, CG artist: Maxim Manichkin
Color Correction: Michael Em
Make-up artist: Irina Fedorenko
Art department: Belek Ibraev, Elena Dedikova
Photographer: Denis Bogachev
Key visual: Elena Dedikova
SMM specialist: Saikal Toktogulova
SMM copywriter: Diana Ruslanova
Line producer: Tynchtyk Abylkasymov
Producer: Nargiza Sydykova
Managing Director: Aziz Hasanov


Task: Despite off restrictions on Dark Market, to develop a viral video to consolidate the positioning of Zhivoe beer. This is the beer that young people prefer.
Idea: We decided to play with words. To do this, we shot a series of videos in the most popular movie genres: horror, science fiction, western. The ads play with two connotations of zhivoe: life (as in the phrase “full of life”) and alive (as in “there are signs of life), which can be roughly translated as: “Alive, and how!”. We built a whole small town and really broke glass. Each props were thought out and prepared so that you feel the atmosphere of Western.