ОсОО "Goodwill Company"

Рабочая группа

Begimai Abdyzhaparova, Head of Marketing, Goodwill Company.
Zhibek Beishenkulova, marketing specialist, Goodwill Company.


In 2017, the company opened the second PUMA brand store in Bishkek. A goal set for the marketing department was to double the puma brand sales.

Since 90s Nike and Adidas have been the sales leaders in the Kyrgyzstan’s sports brands market. Detailed analysis of consumer preferences showed that the opinion leaders of our target audience prefer Nike clothing for jogging or outdoor activities; while Under Armor is chosen more for indoor trainings.

We decided to attract the target audience of young, active, trendsetters from Bishkek who actively use Instagram, participate in all trendy sports events, promote and/or support healthy lifestyle. If this audience is more likely to wear PUMA brand clothing, others would follow.

Our actions:
• In order to position PUMA as “Running Shoes” which was predominantly associated with the Nike brand, we began to participate in trendy city marathons. Bright and creative presence at these events helped to attract attention and loyalty of the right audience.
• To reinforce the positioning of PUMA as “Running Shoes”, a Running School was established together with a team of marathon organizes. Their name and influence on the target audience has had a positive effect on the brand image.
• Co-branding tactics has been utilized to popularize PUMA clothing with the fitness audience. For cooperation, we chose the “Change-fitness” trendy fitness center that actively manages its Instagram page. The interior of the fitness center was branded by PUMA, all coaches wear PUMA clothes and all posts made on the fitness center’s social media pages are made in PUMA clothing.

As a result, the PUMA brand promotion goal has been achieved! Opinion makers from various fields are making free native advertising for us by choosing our brand, and posting their photos on Instagram.

In the end, it helped us achieve our goal and double the sales. Sales for the spring-summer 2019 season increased by 170% compared to the same season in 2017.

P.S. In 2019, the company bought up its bankrupt competitors “Nike” and “Adidas”.