Local executive body of the state in Dushanbe city

Рабочая группа

Rooyo Team:
Festival author and manager: Daminzoda Habiba
Assistant Manager: Parviz Norov
Art Director: Valid Nosiry
Video design and editing: Manuchehr Mahmedov
Assistant on State Structure: Aslam Rasulov
Media Advertising Coordinator and open air: Anna Kositsina
HORECA Focal Point: Otabek Mansurov
Air-Baloon and Volunteer Coordinator: Matluba Jabborova
Children's Area Coordinator: Aziza Qayumova
Info partner: Asia Plus Media Group, Varzish TV
Digital partner: Hamatarafa LLC
Security Agencies: Red line
Facade of the festival lighting: New Energy LLC
Legal support: LLC “Lex”



Annual cultural massive event

«DUSHANBE SUMMER FESTIVAL-2018»- received of a Silver in Event Awards Central Asia (EACA) in nomination of the best massive event in Central Asia.

Based on “MIR24.TV”, it is one of the TOP 5 festivals of Tajikistan.

ORGANIZER: Local executive body of the state in Dushanbe city.
EXECUTOR: LLC «Rooyo Production»


The event is considered as main cultural event in a capital and the first time it was held in August 2018. The festival received a status of traditional summer holiday with the initiative of the mayor of capital, Rustam Emomali, that will be celebrated every year by attracting a large number of local citizens and guests of Dushanbe. Goal - improving the quality of cultural events and organizing leisure activities for the population.

The festival starts in the evening and lasts until late night. Two days of fun in Dushanbe for a large and diverse audience with relevant types of entertainment: folk fairs, theatrical performances for children, food zones for every taste, air-balloons, open-air concerts with the participation of world celebrities, skydiving, prizes from sponsors and partners.
Executor is: Rooyo Production.
Contributed: more than 15 state structures and more than 10 sponsors and partners.

POPULARIZATION OF CASHLESS PAYMENTS: The founder of peace and national unity - the Leader of nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rahmon, pays a particular importance to the development of the banking system and it plays an important role in ensuring the socio-economic development of the country. This year, the law on payment services and the payment system was adopted.


Entrance to the festival was carried out directly with the use of the City Card. More than 200,000 citizens use cards every day for the payment of public transportation services in the city of Dushanbe. With the help of SMS mailing to the numbers of cardholders, a large number of people were notified and the festival coverage was increased.
Those who did not use City Card could freely purchase cards at the nearest Express Pay terminals.
Turnstiles were installed at all the entrances of the hippodrome, and the participation fee for the festival was charged from the card itself.


Based on last year`s experience of the festival, special attention was given to this area regarding prices, variety, sanitary conditions and quality of service.
In this regard, the Food zone was divided into 4 territories for serving 25 - 30 000 people for the period of 5 hours.
More than 20 food serving institutions took part in accordance with our requirement: -20% discount
-conducting of exclusively non-cash payment
Dessert zone, Fast food zone, Zone for Pilav, Fruit zone.


Age of children: from 3 to 14 years
Children under 10 years old had free admission

• Circus
• Puppet show
• Representatives of the DRC
• Workshops
• Show program
• Practical jokes
• Talant zone
• Kite flying, and etc.


More than 200 artisans of the country took part. Visitors of the festival had the opportunity to check and buy exclusive handicrafts.
A special commercial zone was allocated for official sponsors and partners On the territory of the festival in order to demonstrate goods and services.


1. Unusual balloons with a diameter of 2 m with the logos of sponsors/partners (20 pcs) were available on the territory of the festival.
2. On the last day of the event at 22:00 o'clock massive number of air-lanterns were launched (5000 pcs).
3. A jump of 10 athletes with parachutes (skydiving) that depicts the flag of Tajikistan and landing on the territory of the hippodrome from a height of 1,500 m. A very exciting sight with the appearance of a helicopter in the airspace of hippodrome - 2 days in a row.
4. Air-Balloons: Visitors had an opportunity to soar in Air-Balloons. Drawing of seats in a balloon on Facebook and Instagram (daily 10 pcs.) was carried. Drawing of seats was carried by registering on the official website (200-250 seats).

OPEN AIR - with the participation of foreign and local stars. LIVE concert.

Concert Program:
1) Sponsorship Drawings (Coca Cola 300ml sugar free was given to everyone for free).

There were 2 raffle tickets to Istanbul.
Every day, more than 500 people got a chance to ride on Air-Baloon for free.
2. Performance of local singers. 1 day DJ JOVA, New Era Dance studio & kids, Shams group.
Second day: DJ Jova, New Era Dance studio & kids, Talant zone winners performed, as well as Shabnami Surayo.
3. Performance of a special guest singer with its solo concert (90 minutes) for 2 days in a row - Mansour Jafari.

Communication Channels

COVERAGE: 100% of the population of Tajikistan and partially of CIS.

PARTICIPANTS: 55 000 people (4460 children of 10 y.o.)

Every day, seats on the Air-Baloons were drawn on social networks (200 seats), as well as daily raffles from sponsors and partners. More than 100 Coca Cola packs, 50 pcs of City Card with a balance of the cost of an entry and 1 ticket to Istanbul. Thousands of photos on social networks under the hashtags #dushanbefest #dushanbesummerfest #dufesttj # dufesttj2019

During 25 days it was broadcasted on all State TV channels of Tajikistan. More than 100 seats for air-balloons were raffled at radio stations.

6 Branded buses in the city of Dushanbe.

Advertising on Mega monitors and in the first mega-billboards in 5 key locations in Dushanbe.

First Press conference with the participation of a world-class star on a 2-story bus with a goal of recognizing city of Dushanbe.

Every day, 500 pcs of kites were given to children under 10 years old.

5000 Fire lanterns was handed out to those present for free.