Короче говоря, я делаю контент.



Рабочая группа

Оператор: Иртуганов Рамиль
Ведущий: Денис Муравьёв
Ведущий в очках: Дмитрий Мизрахи
Помощник по всем направлениям: Кушнер Андрей


It was 2012. The Kyrgyz YouTube was still in its infancy, and they were who became its discoverers. 3 simple guys, charged with enthusiasm, decide to write their names in the history of video hosting. Simulating young journalists, correspondents provoke or rudely shock the interlocutors with their frank or provocative questions. The “victims” of the program are both ordinary citizens and recognizable media faces of the project, which for the past 7 years does not leave those who have seen it indifferent. this is a story ... What history? You can look it by yourself: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCloVHnak1H3DT9MYmTmELoA