Knauf Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Руководитель проекта - Азиза Арсленбекова
Менеджер проекта - Алишер Абдувахидов
Менеджер проекта - Элеонора Юсупова
Группа художников - Hope Art Studio by Надежда Риксиева
Группа актеров - театр Марка Вайля "Ильхом"
Production - Владимир Белецкий


Aim - develop creative activity related to Construction Day 2018, increase awareness and loyalty to Knauf as a brand.

Idea - it is a production company of construction materials (drywall, building mixture). There was an idea to merge the concepts of “repair” and “art”. “Art is present in any aspect of our lives” - the slogan was incorporated into our installations and lifelike paint works of the famous Uzbek artist Bobur Ismailov, which have been revived just in front of the spectators.

Solution - “renovation as an art”- art installations in shopping malls are made using innovative for the city formats. There was a drywall stand made as a promotional initiative that became a basis for the installation. Tashkent citizens were spectating the works of Babur Ismailov, that were revived just in from of the spectators.

Interesting personages have jumped out from the сanvases to submerge the audience into the artistic Eastern scenes. The 3-dimensional photo-zones were created with the help of Hope Art Studio Artists and theatre “Ilkhom” actors.

More than 10,000 people had a chance to interact with the “Art” with Knauf.

Event date - 12th August, 2018.