Knauf Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Руководитель проекта - Азиза Арсленбекова
Менеджер проекта - Алишер Абдувахидов
Менеджер проекта - Элеонора Юсупова
Менеджер проекта - Владимир Дворцов
Менеджер проекта - Екатерина Панкратова
Photo - Сергей Ким, Леонид Саркисянц
Production - Владимир Белецкий


- To congratulate all the construction workers, their families and citizens of Uzbekistan with the international builders day.
- To consolidate the idea of "Knauf congratulates the builder."
- Create an interesting event.

- To Celebrate the International Builder's Day as massive and creative festival of the republican
- To split the main event into two subevents:
o Little festivals in 10 different cities of Uzbekistan (Except Tashkent), called «Knauf Road Tour»
o Grand festival in Tashkent
- Since the festival includes elements of art and creativity it was decided to name it as «KNAUF ART»

Project implementation in two directions - Road tour by KNAUF ART and KNAUF ART Tashkent.
The road tour by KNAUF ART was held from August 5 to 10, 2019. Festive events began in Bukhara and Fergana and covered all the administrative centers of Uzbekistan. The logistics and content of the events are designed in such a way that we visited 11 cities of Uzbekistan in 6 days.

In Tashkent, the KNAUF ART festival was held on August 11 and included an element of art and creativity. Particular attention was paid to the creation of all kinds of activities in which the main elements were Knauf materials. The project working group was more than 60 people.

The festival was attended by over 15,000 people.
The project was supported by 5 info partners
Media publications and references - more than 55