Knauf Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Руководитель проекта - Азиза Арсленбекова
Менеджер проекта - Алишер Абдувахидов
Менеджер проекта - Элеонора Юсупова
Менеджер проекта - Владимир Дворцов
Photo - Татьяна Солдатова, Алексей Насенников
Production - Владимир Белецкий


- To develop a creative concept for the event.
- Provide technical equipment
- Optimize the space by developing a convenient arrangement of technical zones and activity zones. The initial space is the finished goods warehouse with a total area of ​​5044 sq.m.
- Ensure the admission of public persons in accordance with the document

Idea: is to take as a basis all the elements necessary for the event, the plant’s products - drywall. Division into zones, decoration, furniture, photo zones - to realize from drywall.

Solution: The opening of a new production line took place directly on the territory of the huge warehouse of the plant in Kagan. In the design of the venue for the ceremony, almost all the furniture, the buffet area, photo zones and even flower pots - everything was made of drywall. Full technical equipment of the event was organized.

Event date - May 16, 2018.

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