Halyk Bank

Рабочая группа

HALYK BANK: Yevgeniy Shokarev, Marina Solomchenko

MOVATORS idea farm:
General producer: Dmitry Schegolikhin
Creative director: Timur Shaitkaliev
Client-service: Iliya Akhmejanova
General manager: Alexandra Gashnikova

Project-manager: Arkhat Amangeldin
Producer: Artyom Porkovyrov

Designers: Denis Morozov, Nikita Tyulyupov
Calligraphist: Dmitry Tkachev



July 2018. Kazakhstan’s two largest banks – Halyk Bank and Qazkom – unite under the brand Halyk Bank. It’s the biggest bank integration in the history of Kazakhstan.

Halyk Bank has been perceived as a traditional bank. Qazkom was perceived as bold and democratic.


August 2018. During the integration of the technical systems some complexities arise, which causes stress for the customers.

The bank’s technical and communications services work in an accelerated regime 24/7. However, not everything can be resolved rapidly. Customer frustration grows.

In this high-pressure environment the difference between the two banks’ corporate cultures and business processes is strongly felt. Many Qazkom employees are reluctant to immediately adopt the rules of Halyk Bank.

The customers demonstrate their unpreparedness for the integration.

Halyk Bank becomes the most criticized brand in Kazakhstan.


September 2018. Agency and the bank’s marketing department propose a continuous improvement programme called JanaHalyk to help improve customers’ opinions and boost employee morale. Jana means 'new', Halyk means 'people'.

One of the key program points was mandatory weekly improvements and stories about them through all communication channels.

We developed the program’s sub-brand logo that would become a powerful symbol of change. The sign, a T-shirt with which, both Halyk and Qazkom employees would proudly wear.

We sent out the JanaHalyk manifesto to all the employees and invited them to a photo shoot, after which everyone could get his or her avatar in the new format bearing the JanaHalyk sign.

October 22 2018. The Program Launch. Address by the team and the first weekly report on improvements.

Thousands of bank employees change their avatars to support JanaHalyk in their messengers and social media accounts. Almost in every school or neighborhood chats there was somebody with a JanaHalyk avatar. People get to understand that Halyk is not only a banking machine, but also a person next door.

We make the largest screen in the country at the Head Office’s building available for people’s addresses.

We make joint campaigns and collaborations with local trendsetting brands that a traditional bank would never be associated with.

The Program inspires the bank’s management and staff and they identify themselves with it. For the first time in the bank’s history, the decision is made to make money transfers among the 9 million cardholders absolutely free.

And, of course, we continue telling about our improvements every week in a harmonized visual format.

At team-building sessions the employees write songs about JanaHalyk.

We build on this idea and produce the Halyk and JanaHalyk corporate anthem. Halyk and Qazkom sing with one voice.


as of December 24 (2 months into the Program)

Number of negative mentions in social media drops by -57%, number of positive mentions grows by +63%

The united bank’s heterogeneous team gets stronger and emotionally closer.
According to surveys customers assessment of the bank evolves as follows:
- Sense of bank’s accessibility grows by 32.4%
- Client-oriented approach and goodwill grows by 23.9%
- Attractiveness of corporate identity, design and graphics grows by 38.2%
- Quality of advertising and information materials grows by 47.6%
Since January 2019 JanaHalyk has continued to develop in internal communications, while in external communications it’s been decided to strengthen and develop the single brand of Halyk Bank.