“Golden Rules” of safety



Рабочая группа

ERG: Fatima Kossayeva, Anara Saurbekova, Ilya Astakhov, Sauya Seipenova

MOVATORS idea farm:
General producer: Dmitry Schegolikhin
Creative director: Timur Shaitkaliev
Creative producer: Yelaman Rakhimberlin
Client-service: Iliya Akhmejanova
General manager: Alexandra Gashnikova
Producer: Artyom Porkovyrov
Designers: Denis Morozov, Nikita Tyulyupov

Character artist: Timur GreenGuy
Animation: Andrey Voloshin

Soundtrack: SOE Records



Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) is Kazakhstan’s leading diversified natural resources company.

Occupational safety and awareness about the safety “Golden Rules” is the key priority for ERG.

Today the share of young employees (under 35) is actively growing and has reached 44% in 2019. The company faces the challenge of improving communications about safety for this audience (something more that conservative posters and instructions).

Studies have identified one of the reasons for not maintaining occupational safety – that is uselessness and insignificance of safety precautions in the eyes of “tough guys.” What was more important is “completing and surpassing the plan.”

to arouse interest in the “Golden Rules” of safety among the young employees

Agency offered the following tools:
- Formulating the basic message: one who follows all the safety rules is truly tough and reliable
- Animated comics featuring honored workers (reference to the 2018 award-winning “The HardWorkers of Kazakhstan” video which was loved by the young employees), who would tell in a grotesque hip-hop way how cool it is to observe safety.
- Dark humor and safety instructions come alive to be spread in the corporate digital community and as prints in the workplace.
- The campaign’s main element – a brutal shield to be produced and presented to a structural unit with the best safety statistics.

All elements: Shield, posters, stickers, Video


the new “Golden Rules” instruction was positively and eagerly received by the young workers

The video is successfully spread through inner channels – messengers and monitors in the workplace, demonstrated at each major event and is always accompanied by applause

We received hundreds of positive reviews from young workers

FULL CASE: https://youtu.be/5EJQwk_9tBI